Question of Who's in Charge Remains Murky

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In Albany, it's still unclear who's in control. Lawmakers continue to await a court decision on whether last week's Republican takeover of the senate chamber was legal. Today, Queens senator Hiram Monserrate switched his allegiance back to fellow Democrats, making an even 31 to 31 vote split in the chamber. Karen DeWitt has been following the story in Albany.

DEWITT: Essentially, so far today, nothing has been resolved. Senator Skelos and Senator Espada both say they are still in charge, and are going to have a meeting with Senator Smith of the Democrats, who is now sharing power with Senator John Sampson. They're going to meet a little bit later in the early evening and try to talk things out.

Sampson is a state senator from eastern Brooklyn. Governor Paterson has invited the lawmakers, who've been fighting for control, to a special meeting. But Republican Dean Skelos and Democrat Pedro Espada have refused to participate, preferring to meet among themselves.