Swine Flu Vaccine Likely to Be 'Prioritized'

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Local pediatricians and others hope that a new swine flu vaccine just announced last week will be widely available by Fall. With the intense interest in pandemic flu, patients are likely to line up for the vaccine, but Dr. Anne Moscona says it’s unlikely there will be enough for everyone.

MOSCONA: We’ll have to do some prioritization first, probably, of the first responders and people that are essential to keeping society functioning. We’ll need to prioritize children and people who are pregnant and then a variety of other risk groups.

REPORTER: Moscona is an infectious disease expert at Weill Cornell Medical Center. She says getting an adequate supply to the developing world, where flu is much more deadly, will also be a challenge.

She also says in the meantime, she hopes more people will get regular seasonal flu vaccine. It’s recommended for everyone over the age of 65 and for all children between the ages of 6 months and 18 years, as well as people in a number of health risk categories.