NY Senators Muddle Through Another Day

Another day of inaction in New York's State Senate. First came a moment of silence for Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson...then, New York Democratic Senators gavelled out of their fourth special -- and separate -- session. Republicans recited the Pledge of Allegience, and also swiftly ended their session. Both parties have said they are close to reaching a power sharing deal that would end their nearly three-week old stalemate. Daily News reporter and blogger Liz Benjamin says an agreement has come together, and fallen apart, several times.

BENJAMIN: There allegedly was some tentantive leadership structure agreement, not even power sharing. They have had talks about, everything is on the table, from how the committees will be constituted to how much resources in terms of member items and staff allocation will be shared, who's going to be in control and how that's gonna operate. And that's potentially going to go through 2010, which is the next election. Going through next year's budget is going to be a treat, assuming we ever get through this.

Benjamin says Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm Smith, Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos, and renegade Democratic Senator Pedro Espada met this morning, but no deal was achieved in time for today's session.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn Democratic State Senator Kevin Parker has apologized for calling David Paterson a "coke-snorting, staff-banging" governor. In a statement released around midnight, he said his conduct was "reprehensible and regrettable." He did not show up for today's super short session.