No Progress in NY Senate Even As Factions Tried to Make Peace

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The third time was not the charm for Governor Paterson in calling another special session of the state Senate. Lawmakers showed up, but as Karen DeWitt reports, they made no progress on any of the governor's bills.

REPORTER: The two warring sides each agreed that they would hold separate sessions on Thursday. Democrats and the Republican dominated coalition each entered separate sessions and exited the chambers separately. But both rejected the Governor's list of bills saying they questioned whether it was legal to act on them without the Assembly present. Governor Paterson said try again, and ordered them to come back on Friday.

PATERSON: I demand that the Senate stay in special session until an agreement is reached.

REPORTER: The Governor says he's also looking for ways to dock the Senators per diem for travel and living expenses, as long as they are at the Capitol without acting on bills. In Albany, I'm, Karen DeWitt.

REPORTER: The governor has called a fourth special session for today at noon.