Condemnation of Honduran Coup in U.N.

As the United Nations, the United States and countries around the world continue to denounce the military coup that ousted Honduran President Jose Manuel Zelaya, a small group of Honduran immigrants in the Bronx have added their voices to the chorus. About 20 Hondurans took turns expressing their anger this morning. Mirtha Colon of Hondurans Against AIDS said the use of military force against Zelaya was unconstitutional, dangerous, and unnecessary.

COLON: They violated the right as a citizen, of Zelaya, they violated his right as a citizen of the country!

Colon says her relatives in Honduras were unaware of the coup until she called and told them. Many Hondurans have been dissatisfied with President Zelaya, but those gathered in the Bronx this morning said a military coup was completely unjustified.