Groups Decry Discrimination Against Sikhs in Schools

Some civic and community groups say the city's regulation to stop harassment in public schools, isn't working. A report released today by the Sikh Coalition and other groups says most students see no decrease in discrimination and bullying since Mayor Bloomberg signed the measure last year. The coalition's Sonny Singh says the city has yet to live up to its promises.

SINGH: What can I say? We're impatient. But why are impatient? Because we're hearing stories from our youth every day. Because Sikh youth are coming up to me in the gurdwaras and telling me "Someone called me a terrorist today, someone pulled off my turban today."

Marge Feinberg of the Department of Education says the agency followed the regulation's requirements, which include diversity training for staff and an e-mail address for students to report harassment. She says the DOE is currently analyzing this year's data on "bias-related incidents."