Senate Dems Claim to Pass Bills

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On a day when a number of key laws were to expire, New York State Senators refused to consider bills at two special sessions called by the governor. At the end of the day, one faction was claiming that several bills had been approved, while the other side was crying "fraud". Karen DeWitt reports from Albany.

REPORTER: Senators ignored Governor David Paterson's request to act on bills at two separate special sessions he called on the day the laws were to expire.

Democrats did hold a regular session and claimed a quorum when one senate Republican, Frank Padavan, walked across the senate floor seeking a cup of coffee from the members lounge. Democratic leader, John Sampson:

SAMPSON: The gridlock has been vacated, substantial legislation has been passed.

REPORTER: Republicans cried foul, and called the session a charade. Governor Paterson said he would not sign the bills if it was not Padavan's intent to form a quorum, but Democrats insist the session was legal and said the governor will have to sign the measures. In Albany, I'm Karen DeWitt.

REPORTER: Governor Paterson is calling for another extraordinary session this afternoon at three pm.