Senators Adjourn 10th Special Session With No Action

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State Senators adjourned special session number 10 today, without acting on any bills governor David Paterson requested and they're now prepared to spend the holiday weekend in Albany. Karen DeWitt reports.

It was another day of gridlock in the state Senate. The two feuding factions who had both called for open public leaders meetings to resolve their differences could not reach agreement on even holding a meeting. The 3pm session ordered by the governor was the shortest yet at around two and a half minutes.

SKELOS: Madam president, I move that we do not take up any new legislation today and that we adjourn this special session. Sine Die.

REPORTER: The senators themselves may be spending their fourth of July weekend at the capitol to attend more special sessions each day called by Governor Paterson. The Jun 8th coup leaders senators Espada and Skelos expressed hope that they could reach some kind of deal with the democrats before Saturday.