Senate Leaders Say Resolution Is in View

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Democratic and Republican leaders in the New York State Senate emerged from a nearly hour-long meeting with Governor Paterson, saying they're nearing a resolution on a power-sharing deal.

The optimism was in stark contrast to earlier recriminations during yesterday's special session and at the dueling press conferences held by Democratic and Republican-coalition leaders. Karen DeWitt was there.

REPORTER: The bitter exchanges between the two sides were back, as Democratic conference leader John Sampson says the other side was only interested in selfish, personal gain.

SAMPSON: They care about what I call T triple P. Titles, power, pork and patronage.

REPORTER: The June 8th coup leaders, Senators Pedro Espada, a Democrat, and Dean Skelos, a Republican, countered that Senator Sampson and other Democratic leaders were not telling the rank-and-file members details of a power sharing agreement that they say would benefit all senators. And they predicted more Democratic senators might be willing to vote on a resolution to change senate rules to more equitable ones as early as Thursday, if there's no movement by then. In Albany, I'm Karen DeWitt.

REPORTER: As if to underscore Skelos and Espada's claims, two Democrats, Hiram Monseratte and Ruben Diaz Senior, walked out of the Democrats' regular session, saying they were fed up with their party's leaders.