Episode 2, Images of the Loft, Extras

The Images of the Loft episode web extras feature photographs from W. Eugene Smith's collection, extra music from the episode, and interview clips from Steve Swallow and Jimmy Stevenson. (Originally aired November 17, 2009)

We learn more about Eugene Smith and his background, experience in WWII, pioneering work as a photo essayist for Life magazine; as well as his later preoccupation with recording life around him.   We hear from his acquaintances, friends and family; photography experts discuss his work. We hear tapes of Smith himself in conversation, as well as a stream of popular culture material he watched and listened to while working in his darkroom.  With John Cohen, author W.T. Lhamon, Steve Swallow, Jimmy Stevenson, Nancy Overton, others.

Photos: © 1957 - 1965, 2009 The Heirs of W. Eugene Smith Audio: Jazz Loft audio clips courtesy Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University.

Steve Swallow

I played my first New York jam session. And that was it; I was cast. And I moved to New York a few months later and found myself a loft on Sixth Avenue and 25th Street.

Jimmy Stevenson

We’d be talking one minute and the next thing you know, we’d all grab our instruments and that would be it. We might go and we might play for 3, 4 hours without stopping. It happened many times. It would be almost like entering into a trance, and the music is you and you are the music, and at the end, you go: ‘that was something else’ and everybody kind of smiles. Yeah. You know, that happened numerous times. There were so many great musicians there that that could happen.