NYC Welcomes Paris-Style Bike Share

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New York City Transportation officials are looking at bringing a Paris-style bike share system to New York, and for the next three Saturdays, New Yorkers will have a chance to try it out.

In Paris, Montreal, and Barcelona, residents and tourists alike can swipe a card, unlock a bike, and return it to any of several locations citiwide. New York City Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan says New Yorkers will get a chance to try out bike-sharing during the summer-streets festival this month.

Sadik-Khan: This will be the first time that we have a bike-share program that we'll be offering so we can test it out, see how it works, from three different vendors.

For the next three Saturdays, Park Avenue will be closed to vehicles until 1 pm. Bike-sharing programs have been successful worldwide. They've generally been funded through advertising, but that option is curtailed in new York, which has already contracted out advertising on all its so-called "street-furniture."

For information on where to pick up one of the test bikes, go to the WNYC news blog.