8:45 - Sanitation Band concert.

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Elmer C. Goodwin, Engineer Adviser to the Sanitation Commission, reports on difficulties faced by Sanitation Department in the performance of their duties in the City of New York. The Department reports on collecting trash, ashes, and snow in 1,600 trucks on a daily basis. Garbage trucks double as snowplows; snow is disposed of in the sewer system. Trucks must be sturdy to do their jobs well, and to meet the challenges; experimental vehicles have been introduced. Features of new trucks are described, as well as purchasing procedures.

Dr. William Schroeder, Jr., is mentioned as Chairman of the City’s Sanitation Department. Followed by an introduction to Charles Roberts' "Stand Pat" March, performed by the Sanitation Department Band, conducted by James J. Cunningham. Segment cuts off before finishing.

WNYC archives id: 73718