Les Paul, Legendary Guitar Virtuoso and Inventor, Dies at 94

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Local musicians are honoring the legacy of Les Paul, the guitar virtuoso and inventor who died yesterday at the age of 94.

As an inventor, Paul helped bring about the rise of rock 'n' roll, and multi-track recording. That's the technology that lets artists record layers of different sounds, and sing harmony with themselves. Brooklyn-based musician Joseph Arthur is known for this technique.

ARTHUR: My imagination first came alive through multi-tracking when I was a kid and when that happened that's when I really wanted to pursue that music.

REPORTER: Arthur says he met Les Paul for the first time recently, and thanked him for his invention, and what it's done for his career.

Gibson Guitar, which mass produced Paul's original invention, says he died of complications from pneumonia at White Plains Hospital. His family and friends were by his side.