Democrats React to a Public Option Sacrifice

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Some Congressional lawmakers are digging in their heels at the news President Obama might sacrifice the most controversial proposal of healthcare reform -- the government-backed medical coverage.

The so-called "public plan" would be modeled after Medicare and serve all Americans who can't get private health insurance. Manhattan Congressman Jerrold Nadler today said the Obama administration shouldn't take the support of House Democrats like himself for granted.

NADLER: They're worried that they don't have the votes in the Senate to pass the bill with a public option, but they don't have the votes to pass in the House without a public option.

Nadler said he's one of 60 members of the House Progressive Caucus who have vowed to reject any proposal lacking a public plan. He said his group had already made several compromises and would go no further.

Ten of New York State's 28 Congressional representatives are members of the Progressive Caucus -- more than any other state, besides California.