Suspect Arrested in Murder of Cab Driver

A 42-year-old livery cab driver, Jose Pena-Seguira, was shot inside his cab while working in the Bronx late last night. A suspect was arrested in a nearby park and police say they've also recovered a .25-caliber handgun.

REPORTER: It was the second time in a week a livery cab driver had been shot in the borough.

Fernando Mateo, spokesman for the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers, says it's time for a public outcry.

MATEO: This is becoming an epidemic, drivers are afraid, they're panicked to go out and work. You can't expect for an industry to operate under these conditions.

REPORTER: Last Monday, another cab driver, Ndiaye Amadau, was fatally shot in in his car in the Bronx. Police haven't announced an arrest in that incident.

Mateo says the local police have worked hard to provide drivers with protection, but community leaders and elected officials need to do more to fight crime in the Bronx.