City Tests Hybrid Garbage Trucks

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The city's Department of Sanitation is test driving three new hybrid garbage trucks. Commissioner John Doherty says the new trucks should increase fuel efficiency by as much as 30 percent compared to those already on the road. He says it remains to be seen if the city will add the trucks to its fleet permanently.

DOHERTY: We have to see how they work out for, not only the mileage, but the daily usage. The ability to pack garbage, the ability to plow snow. So there's a lot we're going to be looking at before we really know that they've manufactured the product we hope they have.

Doherty says current sanitation trucks get about three miles per gallon, but part of that was due to the energy used to compact trash along the route. Mayor Bloomberg says the new hybrid trucks will help cut down on carbon emissions. They're set to begin picking up residential waste in Queens next month.