Paterson Tries New Budget Approach

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As summer winds down, Governor Paterson is preparing to handle budget negotiations a little differently. Karen Dewitt reports from Albany.

REPORTER: Paterson says he won't propose a specific budget balancing plan like he has in the past. But he says choices are limited. He says he won't do new taxes or fees. The current state budget already contains billions of dollars of new revenue raisers and he says time is growing short.

PATERSON: The danger is that the later we go into the year, the less effective the cuts are, cause you've now exhausted calendar days.

REPORTER: The governor says he wants to hammer out a preliminary agreement with legislative leaders shortly after labor day. Paterson also wants the state senate to take up unfinished business left undone during the month long stalemate earlier this summer. Those issues include legalizing gay marriage and raising the states unemployment insurance benefits. In Albany, I'm Karen Dewitt.