Governor Says Health Officials Ready for Swine Flu

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Governor Paterson and state health officials are making plans to cope with the next expected outbreak of swine flu, which they say could begin when school starts. Karen Dewitt reports from Albany.

REPORTER: The governor and Health Commissioner Dr. Richard Daines say the swine flu vaccine will be ready by mid October, and they plan to immunize as many schoolchildren as possible because based on the behavior of the virus in the Spring, younger people are a prime target.

For now, though, they are not recommending that schools close if children become sick. And they say regular precautions like frequent hand washing, and staying home from school or work if you're sick, should suffice for this next expected outbreak of the H1N1 virus.

PATERSON: We assure you that our schools, hospitals, and government will be prepared for any outcome.

REPORTER: Paterson says he and health officials do have contingency plan to vaccinate more people sooner if the outbreak worsens. In Albany, I'm Karen Dewitt.