American Rookie Takes on Federer in First Round of U.S. Open

"The Upset of the Century!" That could be the headline on every sports page tomorrow if 18-year-old American pro tennis rookie, Devin Britton, pulls off the unthinkable this afternoon, by defeating world Number One, Roger Federer. The man many consider to be the greatest tennis player of all time, had this advice for the teenager:

FEDERER: You know, you try to enjoy it, and try to put in a good fight. This is a bit different. It’s a grand slam. It’s a best of five set match, maybe something Britton has never played before. But I think the good thing in tennis is you always have a chance.

REPORTER: Federer is going for his sixth consecutive US Open title. First-round action begins today, at the Billie Jean King Tennis Center in Queens.