Bill de Blasio: "Got to Have the Inside and Outside Game"

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Bill de Blasio says he'd make a better public advocate than his more aggressive challengers, because he also knows how to work with the mayor. The Brooklyn council member was on The Brian Lehrer Show this morning, where he noted that he's advanced legislation by knowing when to cooperate.

BILL DEBLASIO: Not always by screaming the loudest. You got to have both the inside game and the outside game to be an effective public advocate.

Bill de Blasio says his work on behalf of low-income New Yorkers would serve the city well, should he be voted the next public advocate. De Blasio said he'd also push for parents having a stronger voice in the school system.

DE BLASIO: I think Bloomberg and the chancellor believe you can improve the public schools without involving the parents. I think that's a huge mistake. I want to take the changes in the law that were made in Albany and make sure they're applied. I think the advocate is in a perfect position to make that happen.

There are four major candidates vying for the seat of city watchdog -- all of them are scheduled to be on the Brian Lehrer Show this week.