Melanie Oudin in Stunning Upset in U.S. Open

The biggest upset of the U.S. Open so far came at the hands of a 17-year-old American girl. Melanie Oudin, from Georgia, stunned the fourth-seeded Elena Dementieva in three sets to advance to the third round.

OUDIN: I guess my hard work is finally paying off. I haven’t been doing anything different. I’ve just been playing hard like I always do. I fight as hard as I can and practice hard and give 100 percent every single time. It’s finally paying off.

Number five Jelena Jankovic, a finalist in last year's Open, is also out. On the men's side, Tommy Hass, Fernando Verdasco, and American up and comer Sam Query advanced. For more coverage of the US Open, check out the news blog.