U.S. Open Day 5

Sunny weather, the start of the holiday weekend, and the chance to see top-notch tennis prompted thousands of people to come to the tennis center in Queens, to score tickets to today’s U.S. Open matches. Many fans like Nathan Erlich of Brooklyn stood in long lines only to leave empty handed.

ERLICH: They said that the only way to get tix to the grounds is to come on the same day. And to me that sounds crazy, cause that means you can’t plan ahead and you can’t bank on seeing the matches. It just doesn't make sense.

Meanwhile, an announcement was playing over loudspeakers that grounds passes for the day were sold out. A single session attendance record was set today, with 37,388 fans in attendance. If you don’t have tickets for the Open this Labor Day weekend, Nate Chura says, be prepared to watch from the comfort of your living room! Nate is a frequent contributor to TennisWeek Magazine, and he’s been blogging from the U.S. Open for WNYC. Welcome back, Nate.