Going Dutch

Taking a trip this weekend? How about going back in time 400 years? That's the idea anyway at the New Amsterdam Village in Bowling Green Park in honor of Henry Hudson's New York landing there 400 years ago. There's cheese and herring tasting, glass blowing, clog wearing, and a replica of the boat Henry Hudson sailed to New York. Caroline Feitel works for the Netherlands Embassy in D.C. and says the village is pretty authentic.

FEITEL: We still have canal houses in Holland, we still have windmills, people don't walk in wooden shoes, but if you go to the rural parts, people still walk on wooden shoes.

The village is open from 11 to 7 until September 14th. Other 400th anniversary activities around the city include bike rentals, museum and sustainable technology exhibits, and a grand finale on September 13th - with events at six harbors around the city.

There's more information at NY400.org.