MTA Nominee Supports Bus-Only Lanes

Governor Paterson's nominee to lead the MTA, Jay Walder, threw his support behind more bus-only lanes, and better enforcement to keep cars out of them. He told a panel of state senators, who are vetting his appointment, that bus only lanes would help New York's transit system live up to its potential. Governor Paterson says he hopes Walder is installed soon.

WALDER: We can try to make some of the changes at the MTA that a number of people have raised and try to measure efficiencies and re-work some of the structure to try to save money.

Paterson was in town to announce new city wastewater treatment upgrades that will be made possible by federal stimulus dollars. Walder is a former top executive at the London Transit system and he was nominated to chair the MTA this past July.

Lee Sander, the MTA's previous CEO, was pressured to step down in May over his handling of the Authorities budget.