Officials: No Insurance Co-pays for H1N1 Vaccines

Health insurers in New York State will be required to cover the swine flu vaccine, as it becomes available. But that doesn’t mean everyone who wants it will be able to get it. WNYC’s Fred Mogul reports.

REPORTER: Governor Paterson and state health officials say that since the forthcoming vaccine is recommended by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it means insurers must cover it. And they can’t subject it to co-payment or annual deductibles. The uninsured will have access to the vaccine through local health departments and public clinics and hospitals. Priority groups are pregnant women, children and young adults from 6 months old to 24 years old, and people aged 25 to 64 years old with underlying medical conditions. At least some members of other groups, such as healthy adults and the elderly, are likely to ask for the vaccine – and then it'll be up to doctors to decide whether or not to follow public health guidelines. For WNYC, I’m Fred Mogul.

HOST: The first shipments of H1N1 vaccine are expected around the middle of next month.