Comptroller Bill Thompson to Face Bloomberg

City Comptroller William Thompson cruised to victory in the Democratic mayoral primary, defeating Tony Avella, a city councilman from Queens. Thompson will now face incumbent Mayor Michael Bloomberg in November. WNYC's Lisa Chow reports.

REPORTER: Thompson's supporters say Mayor Bloomberg is disconnected from the issues of ordinary New Yorkers. They say he's raised taxes on the city's middle class and he broke his promise not to seek a third term. Eduardo Castell is Thompson's campaign manager. He says polls show that 15 percent of the voters are still undecided, and the campaign will start placing ads to win over those voters.

CASTELL: We haven't spent a penny on direct voter contact. You will see us start to do that now. We have $4 million that we have in the bank. We're ready to take this battle on.

REPORTER: But supporters at Thompson's primary party last night also acknowledged that winning this race is going to take a lot of work. Bloomberg's campaign has already spent some $40 million on the race. For WNYC, I'm Lisa Chow.