Conceptual Artists Gather in NYC Public Space for Conflux Festival

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This weekend, over a hundred conceptual artists will use the city's public space as their canvas -- creating projects that hope to inspire civic engagement and new perspectives on city life.

It's part of the three-day "Conflux festival." NYU professor David Darts is a co-chair of the festival. He say the festival used to be called, "the festival of psycho-geography"

DARTS: Psycho-geography being the study of the effects of urban geography on behavior.

Conflux organizers are interested in how cities and urban planning affect people's lives. And through a series of workshops and lectures, they’ll present some of the newest thinking on urban design and architecture. Darts says there are also DIY workshops, performances and participatory games.

DARTS: There's an artist who's created an i-Phone golf application called "gigaput" -- where attendees will take one of these phones and golf their way through the city.

You can find WNYC's top five picks for things to do at the Conflux Festival -- they're on the culture page of our website.