Firefighters Union Endorses Thompson for Mayor

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The City's Uniformed Firefighters Union is endorsing Bill Thompson for Mayor. WNYC's Bob Hennelly has more.

REPORTER: On his first day of being the Democratic mayoral candidate, Comptroller Bill Thompson accomplished something that eluded Fernando Ferrer, the 2005 Democratic standard bearer. Thompson got the 20,000-member Firefighters Union to back him. Union President Steve Cassidy offered several rationales. Top of the list was what he said was the failure of top Fire Department brass and the Bloomberg Administration to oversee the deconstruction of the Deutsche Bank at Ground Zero where two firefighters were killed in 2007.

CASSIDY: And what did the leadership of the Fire department do? It is not my fault. That is the Nick Scoppetta way. Eight years under Michael Bloomberg we have heard Nick Scoppeta say it is not my fault.

REPORTER: A report issued by District Attorney Robert Morgenthau was sharply critical of both the FDNY and the city bureaucracy for failing to properly monitor the project. For WNYC i am Bob Hennelly.