NYC Imam Held Without Bail on Terrorism Charge

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A New York City imam accused of lying to officials investigating a terrorism plot has been ordered held without bail.

Ahmad Afzali, an imam at a mosque in Queens and a former NYPD informant, is accused of lying to authorities about tipping off terror suspect Najibullah Zazi about their investigation. Zazi's visit to New York earlier this month led to counter-terror raids in Queens.

Afzali's attorney, Ron Kuby, says the imam was helping the FBI and knew his phone was tapped.

KUBY: It was the FBI itself through its own conduct that tipped off NA that he was under investigation. They blew their own investigation and now they're trying to blame my client.

Kuby says Afzali has been entirely cooperative, and he'll seek bail for the 37-year-old Afzali on Thursday.

Zazi, who allegedly received al-Qaida training and had bomb-making instructions on his computer, appeared in court in Denver today, and was also ordered held pending a detention hearing on Thursday. Authorities say he played a direct role in an alleged terror plot, the details of which are unclear.