NY Leaders Criticize Obama on Political Meddling

Former and current state leaders are criticising President Obama for interfering in New York's gubernatorial politics. Governor Paterson over the weekend was asked to respond to published reports that President Obama had "lost confidence" in Paterson's ability to win the next election. Former Governor Pataki says the President is overstepping his bounds.

PATAKI: To weaken and undermine the governor beyond the weakness that already exists at a time when he will be the governor for the next 15 months, to me just doesn't serve the interest of the state, doesn't serve the interest of the country.

REPORTER: And former State Comptroller Carl McCall agrees. The former Democratic candidate for governor says especially during the fiscal crisis, Paterson needs everyone's support.

MCCALL: We've all got to get behind David Paterson because of the job that he has to do. At some point when we get these big issues behind us, we should come together and decide who is the best person to lead the Democratic party.

REPORTER: That conversation about party leadership is already well underway, according to Queens Congressman Gregory Meeks, who's considered close to both President Obama AND Governor Paterson.

MEEKS: Anybody that is in politics knows that we have issues that we've got to resolve in New York to be ready for the 2010 election. And you cannot do that without having conversation in that regard.

REPORTER: The White House reportedly fears that Governor Paterson's dismal poll numbers could drag down the entire Democratic ticket next year, when newly-appointed Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and several newly-elected Democratic House members, are up for election.

So far, Governor Paterson has made no signs that he's bowing out of a run for re-election.