Ravitch Ready to Serve as NY Lt. Governor

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Richard Ravitch says he's ready to get to work as the state's lieutenant governor, after the state's Court of Appeals yesterday upheld Governor Paterson's authority to appoint him to the state's number two post. Karen DeWitt reports.

REPORTER: Ravitch, known for his leadership in guiding New York City out of its financial crisis in the 1970s, will spend his first full day as the legally recognized lieutenant governor attending a public meeting with Governor Paterson and legislative leaders. The topic, how to resolve the state's budget problems. Ravitch says he's glad the wait is over, and he can begin doing his job.

RAVITCH: It is indeed a relief to have it settled. The uncertainty of it made it sort of difficult to plan one's life.

REPORTER: Ravitch says he's sensitive to the fact that he has not been elected to the office of lieutenant governor, and he has said he won't run to keep the post in 2010. In Albany I'm Karen Dewitt.

REPORTER: Ravitch says he'll avoid an active role in the legislature. Senate minority leader Dean Skelos, who filed the lawsuit, says the court ruling expands the unelected governor's authority.