Quinn Calls For Investigation of NYPD's Response to Bias Attack

Council Speaker Christine Quinn is calling on Police Commissioner Ray Kelly to investigate an improper police response to an alleged anti-gay bias crime in Hell's Kitchen early yesterday morning:

KELLY: When the police officers responded to the crime that they were not sensitive to the victim and the report says that they didn't even attempt to apprehend the alleged perpetrator or find out basic information about what happened.

REPORTER: Quinn says the LGBT community has come to expect support from the NYPD and that's why this case is so perplexing:

QUINN: I don't know why these police officers would not have responded sensitively and that's why we're going to have the thorough and quick investigation that we're going to have.

REPORTER: The NYPD says it is investigating the incident that reportedly happened on Ninth Avenue near 52nd Street.

Quinn says the victims are physically fine and that the public should not be worried about another attack. She believes the perpetrator will be now be apprehended.