Daggett Gets Star-Ledger Endorsement for New Jersey Governor

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The Newark Star-Ledger has endorsed independent candidate Chris Daggett in the New Jersey governor's race. The paper says it's less a rejection of Governor Corzine and Republican Chris Christie than it is a repudiation of the parties they represent, neither of which is deemed likely to stop what the editors call the Garden State's "downward economic, political and ethical spiral."

REPORTER: With only the Governorships of Virgnia and New Jersey up for election next month both races are taking on national political significance. Ingrid Reed with the Eagleton Institute says New Jersey has become a magnet for millions of dollars worth of negative attack ads. She says they're sponsored by so-called federally permitted groups -- known as 527s -- that are not required disclose their spending.

REED: You have seen a lot of ads that are anonymous voices. The information you get is why you shouldn't vote for someone, Voters tell us those are not particualry helpful.

REPORTER: For decades, New Jersey has had a public campaign finance program -- and both Chrisitie and Daggett are using it in this election season. Governor Corzine is once again financing his own campaign.