Obama Stumps For Corzine

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Well over 3,000 people packed the Fairleigh Dickinson University Athletic Center in Hackensack last night to hear President Obama make an impassioned case for the re-election of Governor Corzine. WNYC's Bob Hennelly was there.

REPORTER: President Obama told the crowd that New Jersey was lucky to have Governor Corzine at the helm during a time of national economic crisis not seen since the great depression.

OBAMA: And let's be honest, this crisis came about because of the same sorts of lax regulation and trickle-down economic theories that the other guy's party has been peddling for years.

REPORTER: This was Obama's second visit to bolster Governor Corzine who's in a statistical dead heat with Republican challenger Chris Christie.

The stakes are high for the young Obama Administration. Corzine is the only incumbent Democratic governor whose re-election is on the line next month. A strong showing will give confidence to nervous Congressional Democrats, who face voters nationwide in 2010. For WNYC I am Bob Hennelly.