Episode 1, Introduction to the Jazz Loft, Web Extras

Extra audio and visual materials from the first episode of The Jazz Loft Project Radio Series. This post  features interviewee David Amram and a video showing a Jazz Loft reunion as several loft regulars reunite in WNYC's Greene Space.

Photos: © 1957 - 1965, 2009 The Heirs of W. Eugene Smith
Audio: Jazz Loft audio clips courtesy Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University.


The discovery of the tapes, the research that followed, revelations from members of the Loft community and a sampling of the variety of tape recorded by W. Eugene Smith (his cats meowing; great players jamming; musicians talking).

David Amram

I came to New York in 1955 – had a kind of a wonderful underground community where the catchword  is: “Where’s the session.” We all wanted to play – play with one another – and get inspired and educated by hearing what other people were doing.