NJ Gov Race: Third Place Daggett Still Campaigning

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As New Jersey's major party gubernatorial candidates push for turnout in Tuesday's election, independent candidate Chris Daggett is still making his case to anyone who will listen. WNYC's Bob Hennelly reports:

REPORTER: Daggett went to the Jersey City Rotary Club for lunch and a shot at winning some last minute converts. Daggett, a former DEP Commissioner, got nods and chuckles when he described how he felt the two major parties had manipulated the public pension system for their own benefit.

DAGGETT: We have part-time workers, all our Assembly people, and Senators. All the part-time elected officials. I mean everybody is on this gravy train.

REPORTER: The latest polling shows Daggett a distant third behind Republican Chris Christie and Democratic incumbent Jon Corzine but, Daggett's name recognition is improving. For WNYC I am Bob Hennelly.