Corzine Rallies Base to Get Out the Vote

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With the election on Tuesday, New Jersey's gubernatorial candidates are working to motivate their activist base. Last night Governor Jon Corzine was in Hudson County, doing just that. WNYC's Bob Hennelly was there.

REPORTER: At the Teak on the Hudson Club in Hoboken the overflow crowd made it tough to move. Corzine told the young audience that his victory would strengthen President Obama's hand at a critical point in the battle for health care. Corzine said in 1993 the defeat of Democratic Governor Florio had national consequences for Democrats.

CORZINE: And it had a lot to do with the nation scene and political capital for Bill Clinton. And you know what we got in 1994? We got Newt Gingrich and people who want to turn the clock way the hell back.

REPORTER: Corzine, who lives in Hoboken, challenged the crowd to help him improve on his 2005 Hoboken vote tally which was 7,000. He said he wanted something closer to 17,000 votes the City gave President Obama. This Sunday President Obama is scheduled to return to the Garden State for the third time in the campaign. For WNYC I am Bob Hennelly.