Weekend Before Election, Obama Stumps for Corzine Again

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President Obama spent the day in New Jersey yesterday to campaign for Governor Corzine who finds himself in a tough bid for re-election. WNYC's Bob Hennelly has this report.

REPORTER: 13,000 Democratic partisans packed the Prudentential Center in Newark waving signs that carried President Obama's name above Governor Corzine's. And from the stage Governor Corzine tied his re-election into the national debate over health care.

CORZINE: President Obama believes that health care is a right not a privilege. So do I.

REPORTER: President Obama told the crowd that to advance his agenda he needed Governor Corzine to win on Tuesday.

OBAMA: I did not say this was going to be easy. I did not say you were going to be able to put your feet up and turn on the TV and kind of watch everything magically get better. Change is hard.

REPORTER: Voting has already started with more than 100,000 mailed-in ballots received. For WNYC I am Bob Hennelly.