Christie Fires Up Base

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The New Jersey governor’s race is also in its last days, as the three candidates criss-cross the state looking for every last vote. The latest polls show Governor Jon Corzine and Republican challenger Chris Christie in a dead heat. Christie visited his home county yesterday, in a north-to-south bus tour of the state. Nancy Solomon reports.

REPORTER: Chris Christie drew about a 100 people – most of them campaign volunteers - to the central green in Morristown. Those volunteers are crucial because voter turnout in Morris County was responsible for electing the last Republican governor in New Jersey. And with property taxes soaring and heavy job losses, Republicans believe this is their best chance in 12 years.

CHRISTIE: People can’t afford to live here anymore and it’s an accumulation over a number of years of bad policies and they want somebody who’s going to turn it around and that’s what I’m going to do over the next four years.

REPORTER: The partisan crowd held Christie lawn signs and cheered the loudest when he attacked Governor Corzine. It was a full day of get out the vote rallies and visits to diners for Christie. Today, it’s more the same, with a few senior centers and phone banks thrown in as well. For WNYC, I’m Nancy Solomon.