Jersey Voters Pick GOP Christie for Governor

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Chris Christie won the New Jersey governor's race last night defeating Jon Corzine and becoming the first Republican to win statewide office there in 12 years. Nancy Solomon reports.

REPORTER:Christie is a former federal prosecutor who made a name for himself putting corrupt democrats in jail. He strode onto the stage at his victory party and told a jubilant crowd that he would now take aim at high property taxes and government spending.

CHRISTIE: We are in a crisis, the times are extraordinarily difficult but I stand here tonight with hope for our future, full of expectations and dreams not just of my children, but all the children of new jersey.

REPORTER: Christie drew his support from suburban and exurban districts and independent voters, who outnumber both parties in the state. Democratic incumbent Jon Corzine faced an unhappy electorate that's seen property taxes rise while the economy faltered.

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