First Witnesses Took Stand in Bruno Trial

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The first three witnesses have taken the stand in the federal corruption trial of former New York Senate Leader Joe Bruno. Karen DeWitt reports from Albany.

REPORTER: The first witnesses included well known Albany lobbyist James Featherstonhaugh, and the former head of one an investment firm which the Senator is accused of hiding his work to solicit pension investments from unions that had businesses before the state.

Bruno’s former top lawyer, who is now a judge, also testified. In all three cases, the witnesses seemed to help the case of the defense as well as the prosecution’s, and former Senator Bruno, at the close of the day, said he’s confident that he’ll get a fair trial.

BRUNO: The prosecutors have been overly zealous in the pursuit of this case and you need to get in an open court like this one.

REPORTER: On Wednesday, once of the witnesses may testify under an immunity from prosecution agreement, and so the government’s accusations against the former Senator could become tougher. From Albany, I'm Karen DeWitt.