In New Jersey, Politicking Intensifies Before Inauguration Day

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In New Jersey the campaigning has ended, but over the next two months the behind-the-scenes politicking in Trenton promises to get even more intense. WNYC's Bob Hennelly has this report.

REPORTER: Incumbent Democratic legislators have just weeks to go before they lose the advantage of having a Democratic Governor to sign off on the appointment of party loyalists to state posts. A projected $8 billion deficit is acting as a likely check on any last-minute spending before the governorship passes to Republican Chris Christie.

There's also the challenge of resolving a bitter battle between southern Jersey Democratic Senator Steve Sweeney and Essex County Senate President Dick Codey over who leads the state senate.

National and state gay rights groups are also hoping to use the lame duck session to win passage of gay marriage and get it to outgoing Governor Corzine's desk for his signature. Governor Elect Chrisitie, who favors civil unions, has pledged to veto any gay marriage provision. For WNYC in New Jersey I'm Bob Hennelly.