500 Public School Aides Lose Jobs

500 public school aides are losing their jobs today, after weeks of litigation between the city and their union. Suprina Willliams, who works at P-S 223 in Jamaica, says that as a single parent with a mortgage, she's the sole wage earner, and worries there are few other job options.

WILLIAMS: I'm gonna have to go on unemployment, probably apply for food stamps; something that I never really had to get into. Thought I left that life. It's just very unfair.

REPORTER: The city and the union, District Council 37, are due back in court at the end of the month over the layoffs. The union claims schools in poor neighborhoods are being disproportionately affected because their parents can't afford to hire extra teaching assistants. But the city denies any schools are being unfairly penalized, and says the layoffs are necessary to close a budget gap.