NJ: Gay Marriage Advocates Push for Reforms, Despite Divisions in Approach

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In New Jersey hundreds of gay marriage advocates packed the State Capitol in Trenton, hoping to press lawmakers to take a vote on the issue. WNYC's Bob Hennelly reports.

REPORTER: Democratic lawmakers who support same-sex marriage legislation are facing division in their ranks. There is one faction that is concerned about moving the bill forward without first securing the votes for its passage. The other group wants to see a full floor debate whether or not the votes are there.

Gay marriage supporter Steven Goldstein of the group Garden State Equality told hundreds of cheering activists that they should hold lawmakers accountable if they fail to bring the landmark bill to the floor.

Time to find consensus is waning because Governor-Elect Chris Christie has vowed to veto any gay marriage bill when he takes office in January. In Trenton for WNYC, I am Bob Hennelly.