Paterson's Ultimatum Yields No Action on Budget

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Governor Paterson has given the state legislature an ultimatum - either vote on his deficit-closing plan, or give him the authorization to fill the gap himself. Karen DeWitt reports from Albany.

REPORTER: Governor Paterson in a pre-taped message billed as a special address to New Yorkers said he'd submit his bills to close the $3.2 billion budget gap, which includes school and healthcare cuts, and is asking for an up or down vote.

Paterson says lawmakers who have failed for weeks to agree to his plan don't want to do than the Governor is seeking special permission to do the job himself.

PATERSON: If the legislature is unwilling to endure the criticism and the consequences, I will.

REPORTER: Neither the senate nor the assembly acted on the governor's bills and lawmakers left the capitol for the Thanksgiving break. They plan to return on Monday. In Albany, Karen Dewitt.