Paterson Says He'll Accept Legislature's Plan, But Don't Call It a Deal

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State lawmakers are hoping to pass bills today that help close a large part of the budget deficit. Karen DeWitt has more on the plan Governor Paterson reluctantly agreed to yesterday.

REPORTER: Legislative leaders had characterized the settlement as a deal in private meetings with their party members, but Governor Paterson says he would not go that far saying he will take what he calls the senate and assembly's last best offer but that the budget cutting doesn't go far enough.

PATERSON: I would not describe it as a deal because a deal means all parties accept the agreement.

REPORTER: Paterson says he still intends to go through with plans to reduce aid payments to local governments, schools, and service contractors when the payments are due later this month. The governor says without more savings from the legislature he can't afford to pay the school and local governments and others like was originally promised. In Albany, I'm Karen Dewitt.