Senate Leaders: Much Work Ahead Before Marriage Equality

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A bill to legalize same-sex marriage in New York was defeated in the State Senate, 38-to-24, with no Republicans voting in favor of the measure. Karen DeWitt has more from Albany.

REPORTER: Supporters expressed bitter disappointment and the sponsor of the bill, Senator Tom Duane, said he was betrayed by Republican Senators who promised him they'd vote yes to legalize gay marriage, that in the end voted no.

Governor David Paterson who had urged the vote to take place even if the outcome was uncertain, equated the setback to the civil rights movement

PATERSON: I am disappointed, but not daunted and we will continue to fight so gay and lesbian citizens those of the same sex who want to marry can do this in peace.

REPORTER: Senate Democratic leaders say they will have to talk long and hard with members and know that they will have a lot of work to do before the measure can be brought back to the floor for another try. In Albany, I'm Karen DeWitt.