Same-Sex Marriage Bill to Be Debated in NJ

The New Jersey legislature begins deliberations today on same-sex marriage. WNYC's Bob Hennelly reports.

REPORTER: First stop for the landmark Marriage Equality bill - the Senate Judiciary Committee. Democratic panel member Senator Loretta Weinberg says legislators who are worried they'll lose their seat if they vote for the bill, should look at what happened in other states.

WEINBERG: Not one legislator who voted for marriage equality legislation who chose to run for re-election lost their election, not one.

REPORTER: Democratic Judiciary Committee Chair Paul Sarlo opposes gay marriage, but predicts the measure will make it to the full Senate for consideration. Democrats control the chamber by a 23 to 17 margin. In addition to Sarlo, at least one other Democrat has expressed opposition to the bill. For WNYC, I'm Bob Hennelly.