Bruno Says He'll Appeal Conviction

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Former New York Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno says he plans to appeal his conviction on two counts of federal corruption. A jury also found him not guilty of five other counts. Karen DeWitt reports from Albany.

REPORTER: The jury agreed with the prosecution on two of the charges, which claimed that Bruno received tens of thousands of dollars in payments from businessman Jared Abbruzzese that were essentially gifts for political favors. The jury also found that Bruno failed to disclose that he was in a horse breeding partnership with Abbruzzese. The former senator, who looked stunned, said he would appeal.

BRUNO: Goes without saying that I'm very, very disappointed in the verdict that I just heard.

REPORTER: A mistrial was declared in the final of the eight counts against Bruno because the jury could not reach agreement. Sentencing is set for March 31. In Albany I'm Karen DeWitt.]