NYC Health Dept. Weighs Grading System for Restaurants

The city's health department wants to grade restaurants on their sanitary inspections and require them to prominently display their grade of A, B, or C. But Robert Bookman, an attorney for the New York State Restaurant Association, calls the grading system a bad idea.

"They need to go into a more educational mode and cooperative mode, like other cities do, and work with the restaurants and pointing out what's wrong and needs correction. Doing re-inspection within 30 days and ensuring that they see something corrected," Bookman says.

Restaurants that get a grade of B or C will have a month to make improvements before they're re-graded. They'll have the option to not post their grade until they've had a hearing at the City's Administrative Tribunal.

The Board of Health will hold a public hearing on the grading proposal in February.